Olivia Palermo’s Best Fashion Week Looks

It’s hard to focus on a runway when Olivia Palermo is sitting front row. The style star, who practically built her business and reputation on being well dressed, shows up season after season in a lineup of looks that are both impossibly cool and, somehow, totally grounded too. You won’t find her in latex heels or overly complicated designs — nothing too tight, too revealing, or too high-fashion. In fact, part of the appeal is how relatable her looks are, styling a mix from high street labels like Zara and blending them with Dior or Valentino. There may be no one who does high-low dressing better than Ms. Palermo and, consequently, no one’s Fashion Week appearances we look forward to more. With a look back at 69 of her most memorable outfits, you’ll see you can hardly blame us.

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