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Despite the naysayers who think leggings are not pants, I boldly believe that simple black leggings can and should be worn as part of your most fashion-forward outfits. Honestly and truly. Figuring out what to wear with black leggings might seem tricky, but they’re essentially a blank canvas which, in my and many fashion girl’s minds, means anything goes, whether you’re dressing yours up for work or an event, styling a pair casually on the weekend, or giving them a trendy spin with cute accessories. If you’re thinking I’ve lost my mind and am no longer worthy of doling out style advice, don’t give up on me. I beg of you, stick with me.

Workout leggings aside, laid-back looks are generally the name of the game when it comes to black leggings. But as fashion editors, bloggers, and influencers have proven time and again, they’re the perfect base for a comfortably chic outfit.

For the office, a sharp blazer pushes black leggings into professional territory in an instant (don’t forget the sleek jewelry and a great pair of shoes). For a next-level weekend look, a trendy tie-dye top gives noir leggings a too-cool feel, especially when accented with a bright mini bag, designer slides, and a liquid gold necklace. For a look that’s both playful and smart, a classic button-down shirt (preferably oversized) appears effortless over black leggings. Hot tip: go bold with the accessories . . . a printed pair of shoes, modern shoulder bag, and chunky gold jewelry gives this combo a fashion-forward twist.

Moral of the story? Experiment with leggings! Consider them pants! Give them an elevated spin and prove leggings-shamers wrong! Ahead, three superstylish outfits to get you started, featuring a few affordable pieces from POPSUGAR collection at Kohl’s.

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