Wide-Leg Pants For Summer | POPSUGAR Fashion

Ask anyone in the POPSUGAR New York office and they’ll tell you that I’m a wide-leg pant junkie. Spring, Summer, Winter, or Fall, gimme all your chinos, culottes, linens, and workmans. What can I say? They’re infinitely flattering on any body type — a high waist and an elongated leg are, IMO, the keys to feeling like a million bucks. Plus, a wide-leg pant has a veritable Clueless-esque amount of pairing options. If the forecast is calling for a 98-degree scorcher: strappy tank plus linen wide-leg plus open-toe sandal — done and done. Preparing for an October chill? Wide-leg chino plus lightweight knit sweater (with a French tuck, of course) plus heeled boot, and you’re ready for apple picking. Don’t believe me? Well, let the following roundup be your jumping-off point. You can thank me later.

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