Bebe Rexha Talks About Her Grammys Dress Video

Before the Grammys this year, first-time nominee Bebe Rexha filmed an emotional video where she spoke out against the fashion houses and designers that claimed they didn’t want to dress her for the red carpet because, as a size 8, she was considered “too big.” The video, unsurprisingly, went viral, and a number of designed stepped up with offers to dress her. Bebe ended up hitting the red carpet in a stunning ruffled gown by Monsoori which ended up being one of the most memorable looks of award season. However, though she definitely got her just desserts with her sexy red carpet statement, Bebe is definitely not done when it comes to speaking out against those in the fashion industry who refused her.

“I like my curves,” Bebe said during an appearance on The Jonathan Ross Show, continuing, “I don’t want to be at a place where I’m starving myself to fit into certain clothes.” She spoke about previous struggles with her weight, and how she’s come to find healthy balance, but also explained how scared she was to put the video out, because it could have resulted in a black mark against her name. Calling for more inclusivity across the industry, Bebe gave a shout out to a couple of designers who did step forward to send her clothes, and had some strong words for those who didn’t. Watch for yourself to find out what she had to say, then keep reading to see her Grammy gown in all its glory.

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