Miley Cyrus Tomo Koizumi Dress at RuPaul’s Drag Race Party

When I first laid eyes on the magical Tomo Koizumi dresses on the runway at Fashion Week, I was impressed to say the least. But surely, nowhere else could these elaborate confections be worn than the red carpet, right? Wrong. Miley Cyrus just slipped into one of the Fall 2019 skirt and bra combinations for the RuPaul’s Drag Race season 11 premiere party, where she also sparked serious nostalgia by singing “The Best of Both Worlds,” officially stealing the title of My Forever Hero.

As if Miley’s poufy, tangerine-colored set needed any more embellishment, Miley posed for photos with various props, including a rose and a paper martini. The fact of the matter is, I’d need a real martini — yes, some liquid courage — to slip into this outfit at any party. Because you know that when you’re the one wearing it, you’re going to be the center of attention.

Miley wore pink heels and glitter hoops, and she even threw a t-shirt and cowboy hat on for dancing to some throwback hits. Well, Miley, you’ve stolen our hearts. If there’s anyone who can rock out in these wild ruffles, it’s you. Scroll to catch another glimpse, and see Miley’s outfit on the catwalk the moment it was debuted.

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